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"let'us brush it up 1" du 3 août

It was a nice day....as usual with friends, tea, fruit juice, cakes....and English talking ...of course



We were six to "study" one of Cat Stevens ' s song : " Where do the childre play " ?

How surprising !! Cat Stevens wrote that song in  1975 ....it sounds as if it was written yesterday...We discussed the main ideas of the song after having practised the essential grammar items we found  :


- questions and " wh-questions "

- past tenses

- use of the form verb+ing

- make or have to say " faire...faire "

- till, untill, to



Next "lesson" : it will be a new kind of lesson :   " walking-lesson " round the village to discover it and talk about history !


We'll stop at Richard's and Laurent's, our organic  baker and organic pastry-caterer .....of course.. ( their bread and macarons....whaoouh!! Come and taste them with us !!







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